Emony Wood

Emony Wood

Race Galefride
Sex Female
Age 20's (as of 955 GD)
Languages spoken Common
Occupation Former barkeep at Mar's Inn
Location The Solarium, Lionburh
Relations Sister of Damisona Wood
Sister of Tilla Wood
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

Emony is one of the Wood sisters. A very friendly person, and very polite, she worked as a barkeep at Mar's Inn in Brushmoor.

The tragic death of her sister, Damisona, has had a strong effect on Emony, setting her on a downward spiral. Her hair is now consistently a mess, her friendly smile all but a memory, her face stripped of joy, and she's recently taken to the bottle.

She moved to The Solarium in Lionburh with her sister, Tilla, at the conclusion of The Werewolf of Brushmoor.

Physical Appearance

  • Iron colored eyes
  • Slightly tanned
  • Luxurious, straight, neck-length hair that is such a pale shade of blonde it is nearly the color of alabaster
  • Very tall
  • Slender build
  • Middle-class Galefridish wardrobe is utilitarian, with lots of pastel reds


  • She offers safekeeping of personal belongings in backroom if needed.
  • She has contacts (merchants) that may be able to deliver letters to far away locations.