First Encounter: Shridra's Fane, The Underdark

Physical Description:

  • Dark-skinned Evil dwarves , medium size.
  • Males have long beards that conceal poisoned quills.
  • Females have spiky hair that conceal poisoned quills

Additional Information:

  • The duergar encountered in the underdark, Shridra's shock troops, wielded maces and hammers, and wore chainmail.
  • After taking significant damage, they will swell up in size (to Large), as well as developing a serious hypertension problem - their skin reddens and veins visibly throb.
  • Upon death, they explode in a spray of blood and gore, leaving behind only tiny pieces of duergar.

Combat Information:

  • They can throw poisoned quills harvested from their beards. This poison weakens an attacker (-2 ATK) and damages (ongoing)
  • They swell up to Large size when bloodied.