Dreth'dor Manor

Dreth'dor Manor is a secret base of the Order of Solis where the Disciple of Dreth'dor train.


In Thornwood Forest, in the Lion Kingdom of Galefridus, south of the Copper Hills, north of the Dragonspine Mountains, west of Lake Aede.

Named Inhabitants

  • Master Vamros (Deceased)
  • Geoffrey (Butler)
  • Torlagg (Warforge Guard)
  • Nurh (Dragonborn Guard)
  • Alan of Brushmoor (Human Guard)
  • Tomb (Dwarven Guard)
  • Cyyth (Elven Guard - Exterior)
  • Walter (Human Cook, Deceased)


  • The construction of Dreth’dor manor borrows from the architectural styles of all four human kingdoms, to varying degrees. The manor’s floors are of dark marble. Its ceilings are generally fifteen feet high, with rectangular coffers set into them. Doors are of deep mahogany, with bronze handles. Baseboards and door frames are painted black, and of elaborate design. The stone walls are textured with white stucco décor, reminiscent of Farraji design. The staircases are lined by intricately carved, pointed and arched Matronian-style black balustrades, and covered in golden carpeting. Furniture is either left a natural dark mahogany, or painted black. Golden curtains hang in front of rectangular windows, which, in addition to the rectangular doors, are typical of Galefridish architecture. Gavrish rounded archways divide open rooms. Common rooms contain throne-like armchairs and comfortable sofas, all painted black and with golden upholstery. Walls are decorated with wide mirrors and paintings, all with bronze frames, as well as elaborate tapestries. Chamber floors are warmed with exotic, room-spanning rugs. The manor is lit by lanterns hung from bronze sconces, with a bronze chandelier illuminating the ballroom.
  • It is a large manor, with two floors above ground and a dungeon below. On the ground floor, the kitchens are on the western side of the manor; the library and the armory are on the eastern side.
  • Regarding the library, fine polished bookshelves line this room’s walls, stretching up from the hardwood floor to the ceiling fifteen feet above. The musty scent of old books fills the heavy, stagnant air. Ladders allow access to the upper shelves, and several small tables scattered throughout the place allow for room to lay out the tomes.
  • Guest rooms and bedrooms are found on the second floor. The bedrooms come complete with a changing room and bathroom. The accommodations are fancy: the bed rests on a handsome frame, with a mattress of cotton batting; the sheets are of fine cotton, and the blankets are wool. A finely carved bureau, an upholstered bench, and a small writing desk are also found in these chambers.
  • The manor contains many trophies indicative of past conquests of creatures.
  • The exterior of the manor combines architectural elements of the Kingdoms of Gavriel and Galefridus. Looking at the manor face-on from the front, it possesses Gavric symmetry, with a triangular roof and set of columns carrying a triangular pediment at the entrance; but from the side, you can see the Galefridish twist of having a composite roof. The rectangular doors and windows are also signatures of Galefridish architecture, whereas the white marble columns and completely white stonework are again borrowed from the Gavric style.
  • Vines snake their way up and around the white columns and along the walls, almost giving the semblance of a garden growing on the manor.