Dragonspine Mountains

Dragonspine Mountains

Landmark Type Mountain range
Location Galefridus

Named for their ragged peaks, the Dragonspine Mountains are a large and forbidding range of mountains that run along an east-west trend and effectively marked the border of Galefridus and Gavriel prior to the Gavric War of Restitution. The terrain is treacherous and considered by most to be impassable.

Nevertheless, the mountains are actually host to a large amount of life, including barbarians, dire wolves, bulettes, trolls and ettins. There are various passes marked out in the mountains using cairns, some of which are typical cairns with just a pile of rocks, while others are shaped into a two-headed form. Numerous caves, many of them carved out by the bulettes go through the mountains.

They are the sole recorded location where the scarlet thistle flower blooms, during a single ride each year. The Acolytes of Solis were sent to retrieve it during the mission War Never Changes.


They are found south-west of Woodbury, south of Thornwood, and west of Brookborough.