Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

Act I covers the origins of the Disciples of Dreth'dor, the mercenaries who saved villages, started a war between Galefridus and Gavriel, and finally ended the threat of the Vampiress Shridra

Prologue: The Establishment of the Disciples of Dreth'dor

The world is facing one of its bleakest dark ages, one that has stretched on for almost a millennium since the fall of the human empire of Nerath, the last great empire, which covered most of the known world and united the civilized races into one prolific nation.

Civilization is a shadow of its former self, as realms now stand divided, separated geographically, culturally, and politically, with uneasy alliances maintaining a fragile balance that wards off world war. Though some nations prosper, as a whole, society has regressed, and people live in fear of the unknown, in fear of what lies beyond the walls of their city, beyond the borders of their land.

Dark powers have seized this opportunity to grow, to multiply, to spread and infect, rendering these remaining civilized nations bright points of light in a world of shadow. But these dark powers have insatiable thirst, their tendrils seeping into their next conquest - civilization - instilling fear and superstition to ensure that the people remain timid of leaving the comfort of their cozy abodes.

It is a time of darkness.

It is a time of fear.

It is a time when the people look to the few, brave souls capable of lifting their spirits from the shadows, of delivering them to the light.

It is a time when legends are born. Legends like that of Heradric Dreth'dor, a monster hunter known throughout the civilized lands to slip into towns threatened by a seed of darkness and deliver the people from its evil, before vanishing just as quickly. True or not, his tales have lived on for over two centuries; but today, no new stories are told, and this legend is dying off, and along with it, the spirits of the people who relied on him as a symbol of hope and deliverance.

Zhiroslav, Skamos, Melocal, Corryl. The lives of these four was touched by darkness, and so they were recruited to form the Disciples of Dreth'dor. Together they would push back the darkness and bring salvation to the world… or so they sought.

Dramatis personæ

Quests of the Disciples

Mission 1: The Night is Theirs

We treasure the trees, for the fruits that they bear;
We treasure the sea, for the fish we ensnare;
We treasure the sun, for the daylight it shares;
We treasure the day, for the night is theirs.

-Woodbury prayer of thanks

Mission 2: The Rainman

Shutter the windows and close fast the door,
Let him not in nor let drop wet the floor;
Speak naught but a whisper or else he shall hear,
Pray to your gods for the Rainman is here.

-Song of the Rainman

Mission 3: The Horde Unleashed

We dug to mine the gold most fair,
We dug to build a mighty hoard;
We dug ‘til we unearthed their lair,
We dug ‘til we unleashed the horde.

-Bofgyth Miner's Creed

Mission 4: The 10th Hell

When there is no more room in the Nine Hells, the Dead shall walk our world.

-Doomsayer's 6th Prophecy

Mission 5: Faceless

Wherefore do I revere the vampire behind the sister of agony, restlessly?
The tears drift, towering above the memory of peacefulness.
The desert drifts, though still their eyes tumble mockingly.
Suddenly, it all changes; the city rides an avenging jewel.
I am faceless.

-Excerpt from the journal of the Bellrich Butcher

Mission 6: The Hive

The origin of the kruthik lies in the cruel history of the tiefling empire of Bael Turath.
Tiefling mages infused wordly reptiles with fiendish blood, creating the kruthiks as infiltrators
to weaken enemy holdings from within. Perhaps the tieflings had a way to control the kruthiks
at the time, but if so, that technique was lost with the fall of the tiefling empire.

-Excerpt from The Folio of Unusual Creatures, by Yotrem of Far Pollstone

Mission 7: Paen the Mad

Raised through suffering, deprived, tortured, depraved, Paen walks the world with his macabre
covey, spreading all he knows: agony.

-Excerpt from the folktale of Paen the Mad

Mission 8: The Beast of Barural's Delve

The Beast unleashed, blood spilt
A city, a people, an ominous wilt
Through wit, through acumen, the ancients devised
A prison of iron, of gears, disguised
Within their mines did the ancients shelve
The Iron Warden of Barural's Delve

-Old ballad

Mission 9: Devil on the Throne

The strength of a leader lies not in a silver tongue, but in a steel arm.

-Old Gavric maxim

Mission 10: The Werewolf of Brushmoor

There he stood on the rooftop, framed in the pale moonlight, cloak billowing in the wind. His eyes
flashed a steely blue matched only by the glint of his swords. He gazed down on the townsfolk, face
cast in the shadows of his wide-brimmed hat, his tangled mane of dark hair and grungy beard belying
his role of hero to civilization.

-Excerpt from the tale of Heradric Dreth'dor and the werewolf

Mission 11: The Outer Fane

Banished from the Feywild by Corellon, the dark elves and their goddess were cast into the Underdark,
where they spin their scheming webs and plot their vengeance.

-Excerpt from The History of the Drow, by Edeash of Ir'hat

Mission 12: The Garden of Vengeance

My saint of vengeance calls to me…
A rainbow of memory is dying beside a Queen.
I mourn.
For what reason do I plot endlessly behind the memory?
At last, the garden of vengeance…

-Excerpt from the journal of the Bellrich Butcher

Mission 13: The Inner Fane

Epilogue: The Disciples' Victory