Devil On The Throne
  • Quest Location: The capital city of Kain, Abel.
  • Information given: Months to years ago, a baron was the victim of a fiendish insurrection—a devil and his minions managed to covertly usurp the baron and continue to rule over the barony in his guise. The populace is unaware of any of this. The devil has been stirring the barony to war with Galefridus.


  • Eliminate the Devil and his minions
  • (Optional) Learn how the devil gained his foothold in the world
  • (Optional) Make it clear to the people that the "baron" was a devil, and is now vanquished

Quest Resolution:

The party journeyed to Abel, setting up in a lousy inn to stake out the Baron's castle, having been unable to find out any useful information in town. Cal followed a farmer from within the keep, Radamir, and plied him with drink at a local watering hole, discovering interesting information about the Baron's past troubles, and how he had changed since his wife, and then son, died. Borys paid a farmer to bring in a large log by means of a dagger, and by nightfall he used his wavestrider boots to silently cross the water surrounding the castle, towing the log with the other party members clinging to it. They used a ritual of pass wall to enter into the keep, finding themselves in the storeroom. Sneaking up to the second floor, they engaged in combat with a cambion, a tiefling and multiple devils. Valuable time was wasted speaking with the incapacited tiefling, after which Cal murdered the two captives (the tiefling and cambion) in cold blood. The party ascended to the third level, and engaged in a long discussion with the Baron, whereupon he revealed himself to be a devil. Unable to convince the disciples that he was usurping the Baron for the good of tieflings and the kingdom, combat ensued. Another tiefling and various devils were vanquished, but the imposter devil himself escaped through a trapdoor in the roof and flew away. After a few moments spent searching for evidence, the party was accosted by the topmost Kainic warlord, Kiryk the Terrible. He demanded to know what had occurred, but remained unconvinced (Skill Challenge FAIL). The disciples escaped through the trapdoor, fled the city and eventually returned to the safe haven of Brushmoor and the shrine. While the devil was not killed, it is likely the Baron's skeleton will be identified, such that the devil's plans have likely been ruined.