Department Of Intelligence

The department of Intelligence is one of four departments with the Order of Solis. It deals in information, as the name might suggest.


The department of Intelligence is responsible for gathering information across the kingdoms and forwarding it to relevant departments within the Order of Solis. This includes a large informant network and an unknown quantity of spies working in various positions throughout the known world. The department usually works in a 'hands-off' style, meaning discreet observation, thievery, bribes, but not fighting or assassination. Naturally this isn't a rule, as occasionally special circumstances call for different or uncommon methods.


As with the rest of the order, the hierarchy of the department of intelligence is divided into multiple ranks. Baltazar is the head of the department, known as "Director" Baltazar. His second in command is remembered only as "Mistress" due to her complicated name. At the very bottom of the hierarchy are the informants, low-level employees who have yet to prove their worth and skill in clandestine matters. Damascus is one rank above informant.


There are about 1000 informants working for the Order of Solis. Important members include: