Department Of Healing

The department of Healing is one of four departments within the Order of Solis. It deals in the religious and healing aspects.

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The department of Healing is intimately intertwined with the priesthood of Pelor. It provides help and healing to everyone from peasant to nobleman, curing what it can through mundane means, and occasionally using holy magic and artifacts to heal the more difficult, or important, cases. It works alongside the other departments to study the dangerous creatures brought in by groups like the Disciples of Dreth'dor, and many of the lower ranking members perform duties that are mainly religious, only occasionally gently turning people's attention away from the secrets of the Order.


As with the rest of the order, the hierarchy of the department of Healing is divided into multiple ranks. Lucis Sol Guenbrith of Brancroft is the head of the department. At the very bottom of the hierarchy are the crini, low-level employees who have yet to prove their wisdom and capabilities in the healing arts. Lyvin is an Elucidos.
Below is a tentative list of ranks within the department of healing, from highest-ranking to lowest.

  1. Lucis Sol
  2. Lucis (Luci)
  3. Lumen
  4. Illustros
  5. Elucidos
  6. Crinis (Crini)