Department Of Arcana

The department of Arcana is one of four departments within the Order of Solis. It deals in most matters magical and arcane, as the name might suggest.

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The department of Arcana is involved in a wide range of activities, from brewing potions to examining monsters. It encompasses artifact research, alchemy, teleportation, magical training and protection, and collaborates with the other departments through the various wings, such as magical spying (scrying) or research into weapons effective against monsters.


As with the rest of the order, the hierarchy of the department of Arcana is divided into multiple ranks. Malvanos is the head of the department, though his exact title (Archmage?) is unknown. At the very bottom of the hierarchy are the initiates, low-level employees who have yet to prove their intelligence and capabilities in magical matters. Thovinion is a magister, one rank above adeptus, and his direct superior is a magus of the outer circle..
Below is a tentative list of ranks within the department of Arcana, from highest-ranking to lowest.

  1. Archmage?
  2. Magus of the Inner Circle
  3. Magus of the Outer Circle
  4. Magister
  5. Adeptus
  6. Initiate