Den Nosferatu

First encounter: Al'Abzari
Physical Description: Den Nosferatu observed by the Disciples of Dreth'dor appeared as feral-looking people with pasty, white skin, incredibly bloodshot, sunken eyes, claw-like nails, and pointed, jagged teeth. Blood was smeared all around their mouths, and dripped down their chests, staining their clothing, which appeared to be stitched together from pieces of dark, torn fabrics, in an attempt to mimic some elegant fashion style.

Additional Information:

  • Den Nosferatu are one of the three common species of vampires, the other two being the Vampires and Das Vampyr. Den Nosferatu, or The Fallen, are vampires that were cast out of the civilized lands by their own kind centuries ago, and were suspected of being extinct.

Usage Note

Den Nosferatu literally translates to "The Fallen." To ensure proper usage of the term, substitute "Den Nosferatu" with "The Fallen" and verify that a sentence or statement remains grammatically correct. Improper usage generally comes into play with articles (the, a, an, some, no.), plurals, and determiners (some, which, two/three/four/etc.), and can usually be rectified by adding "of."

Examples of improper usage:

  • We were attacked by the Den Nosferatu (We were attacked by the The Fallen.)
  • He was a Den Nosferatu. (He was a The Fallen.)
  • Some Den Nosferatu attacked us. (Some The Fallen attacked us.)
  • No Den Nosferatu survived. (No The Fallen survived.)
  • Den Nosferatus attacked us. (The Fallens attacked us.)
  • Which Den Nosferatu was the leader? (Which The Fallen was the leader?)
  • There were two Den Nosferatu. (There were two The Fallen.)

Examples of correct usage:

  • We were attacked by Den Nosferatu (We were attacked by The Fallen.)
  • He was of Den Nosferatu. (He was of The Fallen.)
  • Some of Den Nosferatu attacked us (Some of The Fallen attacked us.)
  • None of Den Nosferatu survived. (None of The Fallen survived.)
  • Den Nosferatu attacked us. (The Fallen attacked us.)
  • Which of Den Nosferatu was the leader? (Which of The Fallen was the leader?)
  • There were two of Den Nosferatu. (There were two of The Fallen.)