Damascus "Frost"





Human (Werewolf?)


Approximately 30

(Rank2?) of the Department of Intelligence of the Order of Solis

Damascus is a Ranger (Rank2?) of the Department of Intelligence in the Order of Solis. He is part of the special task force known as the Acolytes of Solis.

Physical Appearance

He looks like a human male, with matronian olive skin and a well-trimmed beard. His hair is shoulder length, with grey tips. He wears boots, a belt, bracers and a black armband. He also wears a wedding ring on his finger or on a chair around his neck.

Perceived Characteristics

Note: This page to add notes and details on the PC Damascus as others perceive him.

  • Family oriented, has a wedding ring that he plays with, claims to be happily married
  • Ballsy
  • Appears comfortable and relaxed in many situations
  • Simple person, impressed by magic, resents comments about 'common folk'
  • Takes the initiative, shows command
  • Worships Melora
  • He has a daughter (and he tried to marry her off to Sir Thorald's son).