The Crown of Harohaziel
  • Given by: The Mistress, Nimothi Shala
  • Given at: Deep underneath the Solarium
  • Priority: mandatory
  • Information given: The goal of the mission is to travel to the Necropolis of Bael Turath, and identify and retrieve the true Crown of Harohaziel from among the fakes, and bring it back to the Order. Any fake crown will be heavily and dangerously cursed and should not be touched, much less brought back to the Order. The crown grants the ability to commune with powerful entities (?) and will be used by Hassan Ahmad once it is brought back to the Order.
  • Other information: Sir Thorald, a paladin and veteran of a war, was assigned to the party to aid them in their exploration of the Necropolis.

Information acquired from other resources:

  • The Necropolis is filled with malevolent energy resulting from the numerous bloody sacrifices made in the past; any spirit encountered within will not be a soul that can be saved, but merely pure evil masquerading as such.
  • The true crown was split into three pieces and must be reassembled.

Information acquried on Location:

  • None so far.

Quest events

  • After a long journey, the party is several days from their destination when they discover a Barbarian encampment in the middle of their path.