Across the civilized realms the various races use generally similar currencies, notably gold, silver and copper coins.

Currency Conversion

In general, it is accepted that a gold coin is equivalent to 10 silver coins or 100 copper coins, and vice versa.
In the table below, values are equivalent down the columns.

Gold 100 GP 10 GP 1 GP 1/10 GP 1/100 GP
Silver 1000 SP 100 SP 10 SP 1 SP 1/10 SP
Copper 10 000 CP 1000 CP 100 CP 10 CP 1 CP

Kingdom of Galefridus

In the Kingdom of Galefridus, the coins are referred to as such:
Gold Coins - Lions
Silver Coins - Gales
Copper Coins - Leaves

It should be noted that gold coins are almost exclusively used by the extremely rich. Average wages for a commoner vary, but are generally about 1-2 gold coins per week. (not sure if this is true or not)