Chief's Inn

Chief's Inn

Location Brushmoor
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

Karl Lanzetta 03:21
chief built his inn over the ashed of mar's inn right?

C.J. Miozzi 03:25
hmm nah, after the rainman, Mar rebuilt. At some point, Emony mentioned that Mar's been having some financial difficulty, cost her a lot to rebuild. It was also then that she said that a tiefling who called himself Chief was looking for Skamos
So Chief bought out Mar, basically
He probably swindled her in some way, if only giving her a terrible price

Karl Lanzetta 03:27
lol poor mar, i dont think we ever met here, did we?
i ask because i always assumed mar was a man lol
sounds like it would be short for marten or marven

C.J. Miozzi 03:29
lol looking into it. That same day that Emony said all that, she also personally paid for your drinks :P
some time after that: Mar's is less maintained; only one barkeep at a time, fewer staff, fewer drinks etc. available. Mar is probably going to go out of business; rebuilding the inn cost a lot, and the new tax is making it very difficult.
When they try to go to Mar's, they find that the door is locked, and note that the sign is no longer hanging. A passerby asks "what shines today?" then explains that they closed down last ride. She could no longer afford the staff
She's looking to sell. Rumor has it that someone has made her an offer — in nothing less than Lions. Who do you think could have so many gold coins and want to buy an inn? Illegal for an inn to operate without a hitching post for horses.
Mar got fined, that's what finally closed her down. Used to be a tavern, only recently been an inn.
that last bit was to explain the discontinuity of me calling it Mar's Tavern and then Mar's Inn lol

Karl Lanzetta 03:32
so it should be mar's tavern before the rainman?

C.J. Miozzi 03:33
Basically it was always an inn. My original notes said Mar's Inn. But I believe I said, during the session, Mar's Tavern. Rather than retconning, I just later explained that it recently become an inn, so many people stilled called it Mar's Tavern
So it was recently before the rainman
she spends a bunch of money to make it an inn
place burns down
she spends a bunch more money to rebuild
she basically has no money left
she gets fined for stupidities
can't afford the establishment anymore
she's likely in debt at this point
chief comes along to bail her out
But yeah, per my notes.. you never met Mar, as far as I can see