Skamos "Chief"

Race Tiefling
Sex Male
Age Early 40's
Languages spoken Common
Occupation Trader
Owner of Chief's Inn
Location Brushmoor
Relations Father of Skamos
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

The father of Skamos is a tall tiefling with a strange accent, angular build, skin tinged an ocher-red, deep-set solid gold eyes, fine, straight, shoulder-length silvery-blue hair that is combed back severely and bound in a poneytail, a bottom jaw lined with hard, long horns that give the appearance of a lengthy goatee, and spiral horns that extend about a foot and a half behind his head. He was born in the village of Bellrich on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Galefridus, where his accent originates.

He runs a crew that consists of the following members:

Chief and his crew decided to relocate to Brushmoor after having encountered Skamos and the Disciples. He bought the rebuilt Mar's Inn after it had burnt down during the encounter with the Rainman and renamed it Chief's Inn.