Location Galefridus
Inhabitants Alan of Brushmoor
Roana of Brushmoor
Points of Interest Chief's Inn
Magnificent Godling Tavern
Shrine of Bibel
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

Brushmoor, known as the Copper Town, is a town within the Kingdom of Galefridus, but has recently come under Gavric occupation during the Gavric War of Restitution.


Brushmoor is found northeast of Thornwood, southeast of the Copper Hills, northwest of Lake Aede, north of Woodbury, and south of Brunsburh and Lower Campbury within the Kingdom of Galefridus.

Town Details

A walled town which contains a keep because it was founded as an independent mining town in 738 GD, Brushmoor retained it's independence until the Battle of Aede in 812 GD, when it's brief takeover by Kainic forces convinced the Lord Mayor to accept the protection of Galefridus. A river runs through it from north to west and the keep lies on the northwestern side of the river. The main street runs east to west of which each end contains the only two gated entrances. Brushmoor's most striking feature is the copper-shingled rooftops, some of them heavily greened with age and from lack of maintenance. Its walls are made of stone and reach 10 feet.

There is an elected town council of ten people, though relative to the Lord or Lady mayor (currently Alan of Brushmoor), they hold little power. The Lord Mayor holds 60% of the power in town, while the church holds 30% and the council only holds 10%. The Lord or Lady mayor is considered nobility, but the rest of their family is not. Leadership is passed on by the Lord or Lady picking a successor. Only one of the council members is actually a member of the opposition, the others are merely rich folk. The opposition is permitted, though without monetary backing it isn't taken seriously.

The communal philosophies of Brushmoor are Freedom, Religion, and Trade.


  • 4/5 Human (of which 9/10 are Galefrides, with the rest equally divided among Alysandires, Dofngarths, and Folkhards)
  • 1/10 Halfling
  • 1/20 Elf
  • <1/20 Dwarf
  • <1/20 Eldarin
  • Scarce Half-Elf
  • Scarce Dragonborn
  • No visible Tieflings
  • No visible Matronians, Farrajis, or Gaves


- Lady Roana of Brushmoor has raised the taxes that business owners must pay

- Mar's Inn has fallen on tough times. After the building burnt down during the Rainman incident, it was rebuilt larger and more extravagant, which cost Mar and her husband significantly. With the newly raised taxes in Brushmoor, Mar's has started going out of business — fewer customers, fewer employees, fewer food and drinks available, and the place is visibly less maintained.

- Mar's went out of business due to a fine for not having a tying post for horses, and subsequently not being told about getting one.

- Mar's has re-opened under new management and a new name. Chief's Inn, which boast a significant increase in quality.