Location Galefridus
Population 5,000
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

Brookborough is a town within the Kingdom of Galefridus


Brookborough is found near the south-east shore of Lake Aede at the fork of the Celyrra Rivers far from other Galefridish settlements. It lies just north of the border between Galefridus and the Barony of Kain.

Town Details

This town was built around the fork of the Celyrra Rivers. The two rivers are 70 feet wide, and merge into a single river 140 feet wide. In the town, there are half a dozen bridges crossing the rivers. Brookborough is a very vertically-layered city, with districts looming high on the taller riverbanks. The houses there overlook the districts on the lower riverbanks.


The population of Brookborough is approximately 5,000.

Locations of Interest

Severed Serpent Inn
Waybrook Keep