Human - Kain


24 as of 956 GD

Member of the Disciples of Dreth'dor

Borys is a member of the Disciples of Dreth'dor. He is the primary melee fighter within the group, and is useful mainly for his ability to soak up and dish out damage reliably. Asides from feats of strength and endurance, Borys provides little of artistic or intellectual value, though he is an idealist, and easily manipulated.

Physical Appearance

Borys is a massively built man with pale skin and long black hair. He has a short black goatee, and stands at about six feet tall. His eyes are a startling green, and his mouth reveals a golden front tooth when he speaks. Numerous light scars run across his forehead and any exposed skin, and his nose is crooked, as if it had been broken in the past. He is clad in what appears to be bloodstained scale armour, with hundreds of little marks etched into the larger plates. He wears white fur cloak, at his belt is a triple-headed flail, on his back a large shield, a longbow and a quiver of arrows. Held in the nook of his arm is an impressive horned helmet. His right arm appears, quite remarkably, to be made entirely of metal, though it seems to maintain all the flexibility and dexterity of a normal arm.


  • Baltazar claims to be his uncle
  • According to Baltazar, Borys' mother was called Estruld, and was a galefridish woman.
  • His father, Borys, was a foolish warrior who wasn't brave enough to raise a child of two kingdoms and who died in battle.

Perceived Characteristics