Location Folkhard, Galefridus
Population 2,500
Inhabitants Nymil Amahel Koehik
Orla Thragak
Sybill of Crestburgh
Points of Interest Shrine of Thandi
Temple of Aesof
The Greedy Lich
The Thrifty Dracolich
Stables #1
Stables #2
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

Bofgyth is a town in the Kingdom of Galefridus. It gave up independence and joined the kingdom, but later declared independence once more during the Gavric War of Restitution to remain neutral.


Bofgyth is found in the center of the Shattercone Caldera within the Main Duchy of Folkhard, a lake lies to its north.

Town Details

Bofgyth translates to "Great Mine". It is a town built within the Shattercone Caldera. Wherever a road enters the caldera around the edges, a black stone archway stands covered with runes of warning of danger. Other runes indicate that a dwarven trader will show up in the morning. There is a partial town wall surrounding the town, with unmanned sentry towers. As a dwarven settlements, people in the town mind their own business, and avoid eye contact.

The Matriarch Orla Thragak is the official leader (as an independent town, Bofgyth does not follow Galefridish hierarchy and rulership), but the person who holds the most power within the town is Sybill of Crestburgh, the head of the town guard who leads a militia. Sybill and her gang control the town through violence. Though they do not cause permanent injuries, they destroy property and businesses. Additionally, there are many in town who would betray others in order to curry favor with her.

The Matriarch is a symbol of hope for the people of Bofgyth in these dark times.

In 953 GD, the town was liberated from the treacherous matriarch and a violent town guard, leading to the creation of a new local celebration: The Independence of Bofgyth celebrated yearly on the 24th of Nightal is in honor the efforts of the Disciples of Dreth'dor who defeated the Matriarch as she attempted to summon Lolth's Child. It also led the town to create a new method of governing.


The population of Bofgyth is approximately 2,500. The demographic breakdown is about 75% dwarven, 20% human and 5% halfling.

Local Laws

When the Matriarch walks the streets, people must bow their heads.