Bellrich Butcher

Bellrich Butcher

Sex Female
Died 955 GD
Location Galefridus
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

A dagger-wielding serial killer operating in the town of her namesake, the Bellrich Butcher slashed the throats of young, attractive women and cut off their faces. Although able to shapeshift into the form of several individuals, her true form lacks facial features: skin and hair with no pigmentation, eyes with neither pupils, irises, eyelashes or eyebrows, nostrils with no nose.

She kept a diary that served as a window into her madness.

After her first confrontation with the Disciples of Dreth'dor, she was presumed dead. However, later evidence suggested she survived, or that she is being impersonated, herself.

On the morning of the 2nd of Flamerule, the Disciples awoke in Chief's Inn to find a note pinned to their door with a dagger:

  • Wherefore do I revere the vampire behind the sister of agony, restlessly?
  • The tears drift, towering above the memory of peacefulness.
  • The desert drifts, though still their eyes tumble mockingly.
  • Suddenly, it all changes; the city rides an avenging jewel.
  • I am faceless.

The Disciples recognized this as an excerpt from the Bellrich Butcher's diary.

She is suspected of taking the form of the deceased Damisona Wood, and is known to have taken the form of Zhiroslav and the Dreth'dor Manor guard, Cyyth.

She was able to infiltrate Dreth'dor Manor whereupon she murdered Meduil and stole her face before the Disciples finally eliminated her.