Race Galefride
Sex Female
Age 77, deceased
Occupation Lucis Sol of Pelor at the Solarium
Head of the Department of Healing of the Order of Solis
Location Solarium
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

A kindly, elderly woman, Avilina was the head of the Department of Healing in the Order of Solis since 904 GD, holding a tenure of over half a century. She died at the age of 77, after having been ill for many months, and was succeeded by Guenbrith of Brancroft.

Physical Appearance

She was an elderly human female, with long white hair and warm brown eyes.


She was from Galefridus.
She personally saw to Skamos' resurrection and aided him during his rehabilitation.
She helped Borys by replacing his lost arm with a metal one.
She showed sincere regret and was overcome with guilt when speaking of the Shridra Project.