Location Matrona
Population 11,000
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I
The New Order: Act I

Alzeiza is a bustling city that stands on a major trade route and is mainly constructed of granite. It is defended by an elite band of mercenaries: the Iron Vanguard. The city's most noteworthy feature is its detailed murals.


The town is surrounded by walls which close at night. Guards are on duty on the walls including some Iron Vanguard. Beyond the walls on the outskirts of the town is where there are poor people and mostly beggars. Within the walls the city is divided between 3 districts which themselves are walled off.

Magnificent Ward

This is the lower-class section of Alzeiza.

Craftsman's District

This is the middle-class section of Alzeiza. Many professionals make a living here producing goods.

Noble's Farthing

This is the upper-class section of Alzeiza.

Places of Note

Cathedral of Crows

Situated right in the center of the city stands the Cathedral of Crows. It is the tallest building in the whole city adorned with stained glass. It is the headquarters of the church devoted to the Raven Queen and houses dozens of priests including the Mors Mortalis.

Castle of Alzeiza

Off to the side of the city but still within the walls is the castle of Alzeiza. The castle houses various nobles and people of high political importance including the magistrate and the vice magistrate. Connected by a bridge to the castle is a tall tower which stands about 180 from the ground. It can be used as a lookout to see invading armies and a signal fire which can be lit as a call to arms. It also houses the Minister of Defense.

People of Note

Mors Mortalis

The highest rank in the following of the Raven Queen is the Mors Mortalis. Currently situated in the Cathedral of Crows.

Vitalis van Trisola

Former Minister of Defense of Alzeiza. A secretive man who keeps mostly to himself. Later found out to be adept in divine magic and a cleric in the following of the evil god Vecna. Deceased.

Stefanus dos Cora

Former Vice Magistrate of Alzeiza. A skinny man whose political standing is vastly over shadowed by the magistrate. Would often sneak out during the night and go to a specific inn within the Noble's Farthing to engage in a session of binge eating and proceed to regurgitate the meal. Deceased.

Cavalerius of the House of Baronus

Former Magistrate of Alzeiza. A brawny and athletic man who would often hold events and competitions focusing on sports and physical feats. Deceased.