Location Farraj
Population 2,000
Inhabitants Hassan Ahmad
Musa Badr
Rabi a Rabi
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act II

Al'Najjar is a town in the Kingdom of Farraj.


Al-Najjar is found within the Kingdom of Farraj with the city of Al'Abzari to the northeast, and Al'Khallal to the south.

Town Details

The town is surrounded by walls, with large circular towers set into it at uneven intervals. There are three roads out of town, each passes through a gate, two to the north, one heading east. It is renowned for its textile industry, and is known to be controlled for the most part by the city's merchant guild. Like other Farraji towns, the buildings are built upwards instead of spreading out, and are multi-tiered. The men in town wear slippers, cylindrical hats and wide-sleeved robes, while the women wear veils, gowns and slippers. The guards wear golden sashes and wield falchions.
There are about 100 buildings in town.


The population of Al'Najjar is approximately 2000, with only 1/20th of the population possessing an ethnicity that originates from outside the Kingdom of Farraj.

Points of Interest

  • The Palace of the Wraith King (Pi'asi'asu a su wsi'auhs kuhrph), where the sultan Musa Badr resides and rules.
  • Hassan Ahmad's residence, where the warlock adviser to the sultan and his family live.
  • Nerathi ruins, where unstable constructions house a teleportation circle.
  • The Vengeful Cat, the lower-quality of two inns in the town, run by Rabi A Rabi, a friendly mystic with negligible talents.
  • Suleiman's Inn, a smaller but nicer and cleaner inn.