Al-Abzari is a town within the Kingdom of Farraj


Map of the town of Al-Abzari


Al-Abzari is found within the Kingdom of Farraj, northeast of Al-Najjar, southwest of Al-Tahiri and the Dark Warrens.

Town Details

The town is built in the middle of a desert, around an oasis where fish and date trees are abundant. It is surrounded by a 75 foot tall wall, dotted with 80 foot towers, to protect against enemies and sandstorms. There is a palace in the south-east part of town, as well as a fortress that houses the town guard. The Sultan, Musawir Shashi was the leader of the town. There are several very tall buildings with domed top floors, while the smaller buildings have flat roofs. The city was attacked by some dozen 'white devils' and almost the entire population was slaughtered. The entire town was later destroyed, along with all the infected Farrajis when Al-Abzari's Legacy was detonated in the lower level of the Palace. See The 10th Hell for details.


The population of Al-Abzari was approximately 4500, all of which were killed.

Points of Interest