Location Kain, Gavriel
Population 12,000
Inhabitants Marek I
Marek II
Marek III
Orekh the Destroyer
Points of Interest Citadel of Radoron
Appearances Disciples of Dreth'dor: Act I

Abel is the capitol city of the Barony of Kain within the Kingdom of Gavriel.


Abel is found west of Ogre's Peak, southeast of Lyndrich, and south of the Albon Rivers and the Dying Lakes. The settlements of Aron and Marek are found to its west and north-west respectively.

Town Details

The city is large, it seems as if it could accommodate a much larger population than currently exists (as noted by the Disciples of Dreth'dor when they arrived in town in 955 GD), with many empty buildings and houses. The buildings were mainly adobe construction, while there was a darker brown ruin of a wall surrounding the city, which is mainly overgrown or scavenged. There is a small lake within the city, with an island in the south. It is here that the most formidable of the city's two castles is located, known as the Citadel of Radoron, or the White Castle, which belonged to the Baron Marek II. Elsewhere within the city there is a statue dedicated to Marek I.

Much of the city was destroyed by the eruption of Ogre's Peak however, and has not been revisited since.


The population of Abel was approximately 12,000 before the eruption of Ogre's Peak.